This video demonstrates a TTAP Method ™ session with individuals diagnosed with moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease, living on a special care unit participate in a Step#2 (Mediation), then into Step #1 (conversation) followed by Step#6 (poetry and storytelling).

Both individuals have been living in the Facility, on the same unit for over 4 years and had never spoken in the way the viewer will witness. This film poignantly film captures each  individuals experience of growing up in the heart of the depression, discuss their personal challenges and  by experiencing a profound transcendence of understanding the racial issues from the prospective of a black woman growing up in the South and a white woman growing up in the north.

These lectures have been proven to be excellent resourses for use in Colleges, Universitisities and healthcare settings both nationally and internationally.

Award Winning TTAP Method Educational DVD reviewed by

 the Caregiver’s Voice

Found to Improve Lives of Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

      What if you could get a loved one with moderate Alzheimer’s involved in conversation again?

What if you could help a loved one with dementia vividly describe memories from her childhood some sixty and seventy years ago