Dr. Linda Levine Madori PhD

Stimulating The Brains’ Potential Using The TTAP Method

For the past thirty years Linda Levine Madori, PhD, has worked in the field of Health Care as a therapist, teacher, advisor, researcher, supervisor and innovator of new psychological approach to art, brain and cogniton with regard to well aging and  specifically those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. The TTAP Method is a twelve step approach to structuring the use of the creative arts in therapy.

Currently, the TTAP Method® (Therapeutic Thematic Arts Program) is being utilized in Developmentally Disabled and youth (ages 6-18) with emotional and social deficits, Adolescent Psychiatric Units, Community Day Programs, Assisted Living Centers, Long Term Skilled Nursing Care and Specialized Units for Alzheimer’s Patients.

If you would like guidance using protocols to create a research study utilizing the TTAP Method® in graduate school, community or hospital setting please contact her directly through this website.

Total Brain Stimulation of the TTAP Method


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