This video demonstrates a TTAP Method ™ session with individuals diagnosed with moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease, living on a special care unit participate in a Step #1 (conversation) , Step #2 (Mediation), then into Step #4 (Sculpting a 3 dimensional Bird nest) followed by group interaction and conversation which leads into creating a poem (Step#6).
Viewers of this movie witness a guided imagery meditation adapted for individuals’ diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Learn how to conduct a sculpture session, utilizing a bird nest, and mixed media, while experiencing the individuals’ positive responses to the group program. This documentary illustrates interacting with the strengths of those with AD; the need to communication, the desire to connecting with others and the power of self expression even in this stage of AD.

These lectures have been proven to be excellent resourses for use in Colleges, Universitisities and healthcare settings both nationally and internationally