This video demonstrates older adults, with no cognitive impairments experience a TTAP Method meditation and painting session. The viewer will learn how to conduct Steps #1(conversation) then move into Step#2 (mediation) and then Step#3 (Painting). The participants paint profound and meaningful images that have come to them while in the meditation.

Author and creator of the TTAP Method, Dr.Levine Madori first shares the past 10 years of neuroscientific findings that support the Cognitive Reserve Theory. The theory supports the belief that the more stimulation through environments

Participants will observe how to conduct a guided imagery session, followed by a therapeutic structured theme conversation that is derived from the individuals own person-centered experiences. Through the innate structure of the TTAP the audience will get an unusual view from inside a therapeutic interaction. Witness participants creativity emerge in their own self expressive painting, individuals who had never painted previously, now experience the power of the arts in this video.

These lectures have been proven to be excellent resourses for use in Colleges, Universitisities and healthcare settings both nationally and internationally.