There are over 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s Disease, a condition that destroys braincells causing memory loss. For patients and for their families the disease also destroys their quality of life. Dr. Linda Madori, leading expert on Alzheimer’s Disease, has an innovative methodology called the TTAP Method — Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming for Older Adults — that helps those afflicted with AD disease have a better quality of life.

Object 1: Memory Box
The story behind it: The memory box was created by an 87 yr. old woman with mild Alzheimer’s disease. The box was decorated with red decorations and has a photograph of a lock that the woman cut and glued onto the box. The memory that she created the box from was based on a positive experience the woman had going back 80 years when the woman was a child in the first grade. She remembered that she was very advanced in reading and writing. This memory made her very happy.

Object 2: Drawing of two rings overlapping
The story behind it: The drawing was made by a 67-year-old man with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Madori had a meditation session with the patient, who talked about the deep love he felt for his wife. Other positive memories include the first time he met his wife, how she had changed his life and how she visits him daily since he has been living in a facility away from home.

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