This one hour and 15 minute educational lecture and PowerPoint explores the topic of Art Therapy and the Subconscious. An in-depth discussion of how individuals (laypersons), therapists, and the healthcare provider can utilize simple art therapy techniques, thus providing “windows” into the inner world of any individual, is presented. This DVD can be utilized with any population, including children, adolescents, adults, individuals in skilled nursing care and those individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.

Explicit definitions of imagination, guided imagery and visualization will be outlined and explained through dynamic case studies depicting individuals’ artwork and photographs.

Additionally, this lecture will explore both students’ and therapists’ artwork and clearly illustrate how the subconscious mind is projected into art through vibrant imagery. This imagery allows for personal, explicit, and exploratory conversations to unfold, providing rich dialogue and opportunities for further art experiences.

A body relaxation exercise and 20-minute guided imagery accompany this DVD.


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